Angel of Truth

Angel of Truth

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The Angel of Truth is about facing the truth. The world can seem confusing at times. We want to believe something that may not be true. Only to be further hurt when the truth is finally revealed. People in our lives will rewrite reality to suit their personal agenda. They will be very convincing, expecting you to believe the lie they have created.

Listen carefully for the Angel of Truth speaks through whispers.

The person of the lie boldly says one thing, yet does another.

You feel like you are walking in a place of smoke and mirrors. The words and the music do not match. Starting to not trust your own inner voice, confusion sets in.

Let the Angel of Truth see you through the shades of grey fog. Ask for help that the truth will be revealed. Trusting that the truth will be liberating. Be aware of her guidance and the signs along your journey, you are not alone by divine wisdom you will know the way to go.

Once the truth is accepted, you will be free, free to fly to a safe place, a place of light and peace.

Angel of Truth is a mixed media piece using one of B. Bowles's photographs, encaustic wax, pigments, colored pencil gold and silver leaf. 

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