Life & Love in Rusty Trucks

The Limited Edition Book
Life & Love in Rusty Trucks
Photography & Memories

by Barbara Bowles

This is a first edition limited to 500 copies.

The book contains 75 color photographs and stories about vintage trucks from various truck owners. Throughout the book, there are tips on photography. The book also serves as an inspiration for artists. Barbara went to art school, started selling her work at a flea market, opened her own gallery and had a museum show.

Throughout the book she speaks about her experiences creating the art, the people she met in the gallery over 18 years and the life lessons she learned. Barbara uses the work truck as a metaphor for spiritual transportation. She hopes that these photographs will transport you to some remembered past or let you travel somewhere you can only imagine.

Barbara reminds us that your life is YOUR  work of art. Leave a dent, or a mark, a legacy of love in someone’s heart. It is never too late, and you are never too old to be beautiful!

Price is $75 and includes packing and shipping.

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