Revelations in Nature

Revelations in Nature

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 "Revelations in Nature" is about going outside with the intention of going inside, to discover your truth or to listen to your inner voice.

Often it's easy to spend too much time in front of computer screens.
We are organic matter.
To be in touch with ourselves and each other,
we require time in a natural environment.

Revelations in Nature is a reminder to go for a walk outside, watch the sunrise or sunset. Then notice how being in nature feels and how your inner thoughts come to the surface. 
What is revealed?
What was invisible is now visible.

The natural balance of nature can be comforting, you can depend on it.
Every Spring the flowers will come up from the soil.
Every Autumn the leaves will turn colors, then fall to the ground.
There are seasons in our lives that are temporary.
We know the darkest hour is just before dawn.
Resting assured that the shining light of the moon will rise tonight.
The wind blows and we fall like leaves.
We will over and over again, rise like the sun.

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